The average bookkeeper provides the numbers but little analysis; and the average accountant charges high fees but provides little extra value. With Stream Accounting, a proven approach to managing your key business data makes life easier without the high fees. The health, scalability and growth of your business is the prime goal

DataSTREAM Bookkeeping

Looks after the process of producing accurate data on which to base your business decisions.


Peace of mind that professionals are looking after your numbers – from bank reconciliations to accounts payable & accounts receivable.


Outsourcing payroll releases you from time-consuming tasks that can be more efficiently managed by those who have the systems already in place.

BAS Agent Services

Compliance with GST, PAYGI and PAYGW can be a headache. Stay on the right side of the ATO by letting us handle the statements and reporting.

RevenueSTREAM Services

Looks after the process of producing accurate data on which to base your business decisions.

Cashflow and Profitability Improvement Plan

This includes our onboarding meeting, full financial systems audit, learning how your business ticks and identifying areas of cash flow improvement. We will then pick the correct strategies and systems needed to improve your cash flow and profitability from where it’s at now to get you to your goals. We will also put together a tailored one page management report for your key numbers to review each month.

Ongoing Reporting and Expert Commentary

This includes setting up a regular management reporting pack with key information for you to digest and assist in making your key business decisions. Also included is our expert analysis of the numbers based on our experience and knowledge of your goals.

Ongoing Meetings and Support

This includes unlimited email support, monthly 1:1 meetings to review progress and set future actions, and weekly live Q&A sessions with me, our team and other business owners like you.

Ready to free your time and achieve your financial goals?


Helping your business become financially successful by helping you understand your numbers


Every Saturday you will get 1 actionable strategy to improve the cash flow in your business