About Us

The average bookkeeper provides the numbers but little analysis; and the average accountant charges high fees but provides little extra value. With Stream Accounting, a proven approach to managing your key business data makes life easier without the high fees. The health, scalability and growth of your business is the prime goal

We’re not too different from most other small businesses in one respect: we’re always looking to increase revenues and save on unnecessary costs, without spending 80 hours a week working in the business.

The difference is that, over the years, we’ve been able to help other small business become more efficient by applying what we’ve learned in our own business.

Getting your business to work for you, rather than the other way around, is the key to growth. This requires:

- Highly effective systems and processes;

- Good analysis of the data at hand for more informed decision-making; and

- Continual tracking of performance.

With in-depth knowledge of Xero and other cloud software, we’ll start by looking after the numbers for you.

But we’ll go beyond traditional bookkeeping and accounting to help you manage the complete financial side of the business: with insights and recommendations for growing the business, based on analysis of your data.

What we're all about

It is our purpose to help small businesses be financially successful.

Our Core Values:

  • Constant improvement: of ourselves, our processes and our business

  • Shared learning: as we learn we share with each other and our clients

  • Balance: individuals first, family/personal time comes first

  • Virtuous: strong sense of responsibility and high moral standards

Who are we?

Since 2015, we have been working with business owners across Australia.

Let's hear from founder, Nathan Price:

"When I was working in the chartered accounting firm, clients had no idea where their business was at. Often they were not providing adequate information to us to be able to really help them. So we generally just kept them compliant with the ATO. I knew I could do more than the average bookkeeper and, in starting my own business, I was motivated to pass on the simple things I’d learnt that help business owners save money, increase revenues, create more time, and generally improve their lives."

Our Team

Nathan Price

Founder & CEO

Vicki Gilmartin

Bookkeeper/Client Manager

Joesua Pedoy


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Helping your business become financially successful by helping you understand your numbers


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