Cashflow and Profitability Services

RevenueSTREAM is a monthly professional service. We make it nearly impossible not to improve the cash flow and profitability of your business. Specifically, we help you reach your profitability and cash flow goals without having to work crazy hours or get stuck in the weeds of your numbers

Why we developed this service

In business, a healthy profit isn't enough; profitable businesses can fail due to poor cashflow. We want to help our clients better manage their cashflow and the first step is to determine your business's Cash Conversion Cycle. Then, we can help you identify strategies to shorten the cycle so you have more cash in your bank account.

Of course, profit matters too, and increasing your profit can increase your cashflow. By implementing strategies to improve both your cashflow and your profit, you can set your business up for success.

RevenueSTREAM Service

If you're unsure of the difference between cashflow and profit and often wonder why there's not as much money in your bank account as you expected, this service should be a priority.

All business owners who want to improve their cashflow and profit, and learn how to manage these more effectively, should attend this meeting.

Cash flow and Profitability Improvement Plan

This includes our onboarding meeting, full financial systems audit, learning how your business ticks and identifying areas of cash flow improvement.

We will then pick the correct strategies and systems needed to improve your cash flow and profitability from where it’s at now to get you to your goals.

We will also put together a tailored one page management report for your key numbers to review each month

Ongoing reporting and expert commentary

This includes setting up a regular management reporting pack with key information for you to digest and assist in making your key business decisions.

Also included is our expert analysis of the numbers based on our experience and knowledge of your goals.

Ongoing Meetings and Support

This includes unlimited email support, monthly 1:1 meetings to review progress and set future actions, and weekly live Q&A sessions with me, our team and other business owners like you.

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