Managing your receipts is as simple as taking a photo!

business organisation receipt management receipts Jun 24, 2021

Whether you have your own business, or you are trying to keep track of your expenses as a part of your job, it is always important to manage your receipts. However, doing so is not always a walk in the park. Getting a handle on keeping your business receipts can be very taxing.

But the good news is that with the advent of the Internet, managing your receipts can be as simple as taking a photo. Here are 3 ideas that you manage and organise your receipts:


1. Monthly Organising Plan

Managing and organising your business receipts can take a lot of time, so to make things easier, you can schedule this task once a month so you can focus on organising your receipts.

What you can do is separate your receipts based on categories. When doing so, make sure that you separate your receipts based on your business expense categories to make accounting tasks more efficient.

2. Digital Organisation

Your next option to managing your receipts is to get rid of as much paper as possible. There are ways to digitally organise your receipts. If you are good with technology, this method may be up your alley.

Different applications will help you transition all of your hard copy receipts into electronic files. Going digital makes managing receipts more effective because the chances of losing copies of your receipts are much less.

3. Take Photos

Some applications can let you take photos of your receipts, scan these receipts and automatically add transactions for you. There are even applications that will even allow you to categorise your receipts, specify the amounts, and even put notes.


If you are having trouble managing your receipts, and in turn have a hard time keeping up with your cash flow management, we can set you up with software and make your life simple. Here at Stream Accounting, the software that we use in managing receipts for our clients is called Dext. Dext allows us to get accurate data and less chance of having human errors. Get in touch with us here at Stream Accounting, so we can work with you through your business struggles.

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