Have Client No-Shows?

7 ways to grow your business financial management Nov 12, 2021

Then, use this method to ensure your patients turn up for their appointments!

After knowing our 7 ways on how to grow your business, scheduling patients is one of the most common tasks performed by health practitioners. It is the heartbeat of your practice, and client no-shows are your enemy. That is why you need to do whatever method you can apply to keep missed appointments to a minimum and make sure that your patients are seen by the health practitioner as close to their scheduled appointment time as possible. 

No matter the cause, from lack of transportation to forgetfulness, here are methods you can use to ensure that your patients turn up for their appointments on time:

1. Implement patient self-scheduling

Implementing patient self-scheduling will increase the number of patients turning up for their appointments because they would personally book their appointments, therefore they are sure that they are free during the scheduled appointment. You can also implement online scheduling as it is convenient both for you and your patient.

2. Ensure your information is up to date 

If you are sending appointment reminders, it’s important to remember that this is only as good as the accuracy of your contact information because if the patients’ phone numbers and email addresses are outdated, then they are not going to receive your messages. You can check in with your patients every 6 months and ask them to confirm that their contact information is current and correct.

3. Confirm appointments with text and email appointment reminders

 One of the most effective methods for patients to turn up for their appointments is simply to remind them that they have an upcoming appointment, so you need to confirm their appointments via text and email appointment reminders. You can check in on your patients at least 72 hours before their appointment.

4. Keep a Waitlist 

Keep a current and specific waitlist so that you have options to fill in the gaps. You can also include the days and times which the patients are available. If you do have a no-show, you can refer to this list to fill the time slot and not lose any revenue.

5. Have a Written Policy

 If missed and canceled appointments have gotten out of hand, you may need to implement a cancellation or no-show policy to deal with these extreme cases. You can institute a nominal fee to enforce your policy

Making sure that patients turn up for their appointments has a huge impact on your success as a health practitioner. Ensuring that patients are scheduled efficiently and effectively and ensuring that they turn up for their appointments is critical to maximizing your revenue.

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